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Speaker and Performers Bureau

Available Speakers and Performers
The presenters listed below have agreed to participate in the 100 events for 100 years

Please contact individuals for scheduling, stipend, and travel requirements.

Margaret Colin

Suffrage Centennial Opening Performer

Date and time of the event to be announced.


Margaret Colin, who played the title role in The Second Mrs. Wilson, will open the Suffrage Centennial in Adams MA, the Birthplace of Susan B Anthony.


Edith Wilson was the unofficial Acting President of the United States during President Woodrow Wilson’s illness, and during the passage of the Susan B Anthony Amendment in 1920.   Her role during her husband's illness was so significant, some refer to her as the first female President. 


Colin has played starring roles in over 40 movies, including Independence Day, Pretty in Pink, and Three Men and a Baby.

She is well known for her recent Television appearances in Nurse Jackie, Blue Bloods, and as Eleanor’s mother in Gossip Girl

Colin just completed a successful starring role in City of Conversation on Arena State in Washington, DC.

Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti

Historical Performer

Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti’s portrayal of historical women introduces untapped history, drawing on a wide array of primary historical resources. For the past 20 years Gwendolyn has engaged audiences with performances giving voice to real life accounts, struggles, self-determination and triumphs of women she portrays. Each performance is infused with her unique finger print giving an integral portrait of a historical event or person.  To invite Gwendolyn to perform, or speak, at your next event please email her at

Sheryl Faye

Actress - Voice-Over Artist - Presenter

Sheryl Faye Presents Historical Women is proud to present eight one-woman shows about Helen Keller,  Clara Barton,  Eleanor Roosevelt,  Laura Ingalls Wilder, Anne Frank, Amelia Earhart,  Sally Ride which ties into STEM, and my newest show Abigail Adams! These shows are currently performed at schools, historical societies, camps, libraries, senior centers, ladies organizations and more.


Sheryl Faye

Mary Ann Brown

From Massachusetts to Kansas: Suffrage Westward Bound

Mary Ann Sachse Brown will delve into the fierce commitment to freedom and independence represented by pioneer women.  Susan B Anthony and her family’s colorful history in that struggle, as well as equality for slaves, makes the wild west come alive through its women.


Kansas, Sachse Brown’s home state, passed a suffrage amendment seven years before the US Constitution.

Mary Ann played a major role in Kansas Suffrage Centennial Celebration in 2013 by curating the Susan B Anthony Family exhibit at the Leavenworth County Historical Society.   She is the author of Celebrating Women of Leavenworth County and was awarded the 2015 Distinguished Service Award by the Kansas Museums Association.

Linda McKenney

Historical Performer

Susan B. Anthony’s personal motto was, “Failure is impossible.”  I believe that I’ve adopted that motto in my portrayal of her.  Invite me to visit your classroom or group, and I will share a glimpse into Susan’s life and her dedication to women’s suffrage.  For more information, and to schedule Linda McKenney for YOUR event, please email

Hank Fincken

Convicting Susan B

In this interactive program, Fincken portrays Prosecutor Crowley who is assigned the judicious task of punishing Susan B and perhaps squelching the suffrage movement. The audience members will help Hank by playing the roles of judge, witnesses, and jury at Susan B. Anthony’s trial.


There is no set script. Participants utilize role-playing techniques to recreate the trial. Will Susan B. Anthony be found guilty again? Using sound nineteenth century logic, Prosecutor Crowley will attempt to convince all attendees that the time is not right to give women the vote.

John Fea

The Relevance of History in the Classroom: Past and Present

John Fea is the Professor and Chair of History at Messiah College with specialities in Early American History and History Pedagogy.  He will present "The Relevance of History in the Classroom: Past and Present." 

Papers and Lectures presented at the Organization of American Historians, Omohundro Institute Annual Conference, Lilly Fellows Program in Arts and Humanities, Fort Ticonderoga Seminar on the American Revolution, Conference on Faith and History, McNeil Center for Early American Studies, New Jersey Forum, Pennsylvania Historical Association Annual Meeting, Meeting of the American Society of Church History, Annual Meeting of the Society for the History of the Early American Republic, Annual Conference of the Society for the History of Reading, Authorship, and Publication.

Bob Warren

Only the Message Mattered: A Music and Narrative Presentation About the Great Susan B. Anthony

A moving, memorable and educational portrait of a remarkable crusader for human rights, Only the Message Mattered is a 45-minute presentation of songs and musically underscored narrative written for piano, cello, and voices.


We come with a portable sound system, electric piano, and cello.

Fee: $1100


Additional information, recordings, and photos are at

Bob Warren


Steve Adams

Suffrage Balladeer

Steve is an folk singer and student of suffrage history. He performs a program of original music, dialogue and readings celebrating the work of Susan B Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Fredrick Douglass and other champions of women’s suffrage.



Paul W. Marino

Berkshire Historian and Walking Tours of the Past

Researcher extraordinaire, lecturer, and entertainer, Marino can make even cemeteries come alive.  Perfect for guests of all ages 2 to 102.


Marino is the Program Director at Northern Berkshire Community Television Corporation in North Adams, MA.


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