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About 100 Events for 100 Years

What is One Hundred Events for One Hundred Years?


The Susan B Anthony Birthplace Museum is organizing a calendar of "100 Events for 100 Years" commemorating the Woman's Suffrage Centennial through collaboration with historic sites, museums, libraries and institutions throughout the Commonwealth. These organizations will each host a portion of 100 Events for 100 Years. These events will serve the public, Massachusetts residents, as well as, tourists, guests and visitors. The purpose of these events is to educate those in attendance, either physically or through public access television, about the Suffrage Movement, the personalities of those who fought for and against this reform, during the time period 1820-1925. These events will include re-enactments, historic presentations, author discussions, scholar lectures, panel discussions, and historically based art.


What is the significance of Massachusetts?


The State of Massachusetts has a greater number of women’s history sites than any other state, with New York State a close second.  The Women’s History Trail lists 34 sites in New York and 37 in Massachusetts.  

The Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution is the Susan B Anthony Amendment.  It is named in honor of America’s leading woman suffrage leader, Susan B Anthony who was born in Western Massachusetts. 
In addition, Anthony was born in 1820, making her exactly 200 years old in the Suffrage Centennial year.


When will the events take place?


The events will take place within a 20 month period, or the calendar year immediately before the Centennial year and extend until the end of the Centennial year:  January 2019 through December 2020.

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